The Muhammad video tape: A religious insult that is sparking violence

14 09 2012

There is major conflict involving a short film depicting Prophet Muhammad in a negative light. We haven’t watched the short film to show respect. According to news sources, the Muhammad video is manipulated to put actors into a position they never accepted, as shown on the casting.

The film producer’s alias is a ploy to coerce major religious groups to adversely react to this propaganda movie. We discussed religious insults as damaging to people practicing under such faith. Every religion deserves respect, even though there are some extreme beliefs and actions derived from adopting a particular faith.

Please don’t give in to the violence. We respect all religions. We hope you can see that not all people have critical views. Islam is a powerful faith that deserves respect. Engaging in public violence will not resolve the source of the problem.

We have a Mohammed film insulting the Prophet, which is currently responsible for the widespread outrage. In the past decade, another film was released with Jesus having sinful thoughts while on the Cross.

Religion is the most powerful influence on Earth. It has survived thousands of years. The Koran and The Bible are influential books that share the history of their religious belief systems. Religion is more powerful than politics, business, entertainment, sex, and anything imaginable.

If you’re reading this post, please be responsible to avoid taking part in the violence. We need to be smart to show the world that religious insults are unacceptable. We are saddened the violence in Libya resulted in the death of several Americans, including Ambassador Stevens. We pray for their families and thank these brave people for their service and commitment to preserve peace.

Ambassador Stevens was trilingual, speaking French, Arab and English. He dedicated his life to keep people safe. It is unfortunate to lose a person who enjoyed being around Muslims. Please pray for the Americans who died. They wanted more than anything to keep all people safe.

The Mohammed video is not the American belief of Islam. We view the video as a cynical move to create hate. Don’t allow the 2012 prophecies to take shape. Please help this world to reach 2013 in one piece. We are watching angry people exhibit violence on television. Do you want to be viewed as savage people? We know you’re better than this.

Religion is supposed to provide a positive belief system to guide devout followers. A manipulated film project is showing that evil is winning. One distasteful film has the power to ignite a major conflict. Don’t take part in violent protests just because many other people are doing it. Be smart. Show the world you can oppose negative propaganda movies through sharing your personal viewpoints on the web.

Lets start a discussion on how this Mohammed movie makes you feel. Voice your thoughts and concerns. Over a billion people surf the Internet. Based on the news coverage, the violent protects are viewed as pointless riots. Violent deaths and injuries are giving in to the insidious plan, allowing evil to win the battle versus good.

An insulting video toward an influential religion is not America’s viewpoint toward Islam. You can see how one amateur video is causing a worldwide disaster. Innocent lives are at stake. Please stop the violence. Your words of wisdom are more powerful than your violent protests.

We apologize for the people that made this thoughtless short film. We ask you as respectful humans to cease the protests. Destroying property, harming people and showing extreme violence will show the world that the foundation of religion – forgiveness – has no real value. Please forgive the Mohammed tape.

The negligent film producer engaged in this negative propaganda against Islam understands the power of the film’s influence. He probably knows that making the film will cause violence. It is definitely working. If you are angered by this Mohammed film, voice your thoughts and concerns on the web. Your words can show people the truth, that you are not tyrants looking for an excuse to engage in violence.

America has its fair share of violent protests. The Civil Rights Movement helped to redefine American values. All change begins with a fight. Fight with your words instead of harming innocent people. Destroying property takes money away from the people who need food, health care, and shelter.

Think smart. We don’t condone the controversial film. Please stop the violence. We will respect your decision to preserve peace. If we go in a violent direction, the world will not last. Conflict rarely ends well.

Watch end of the world movies to see how people act while facing the end of the world.

The false message of the video tape:

John Coffey said subliminally to Paul Edgecomb in The Green Mile movie while facing death, “He killed them with their love. That’s how it is; everyday all over the world.”

The Muhammad tape is causing pain right now. Don’t allow an evil tape produced by an amateur filmmaker to influence your faith.

Another John Coffey movie quote prior to his execution on The Green Mile movie, “Mostly I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world ever’ day. There’s too much of it. It’s like pieces of glass in my head all the time.”

We lost Michael Clarke Duncan a few weeks ago. He would not want to see the violence. He played a memorable character who loved the world, even though he knew the real truth.

The Green Mile movie is powerful. It has a metaphysical theme that conveys realism. We can view the first quote as what this video tape is doing to the world.

Don’t allow hate to overtake your religious views. Many people insult, bully and harm people every day. We respect all people. We will smile down at you if you end the violence. Thank you.


The Dark Knight Rises movie ending

30 07 2012

Have you watched The Dark Knight Rises movie? Think the movie ending is ambiguous? Want to discuss The Dark Knight Rise movie ending. We discovered a website with good discussions on The Dark Knight ending.

Christopher and Jonathan Nolan wrote the TDKR script. We think the script is too predictable. However, identifying one scene as fantasy can change this perspective. What are your thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises movie ending?

If you use any movie spoilers, please identify them with asterisks. There are many moviegoers who have not watched the movie yet.

The Dark Knight Rises ending website with good discussions, explanations, and theories:

Chernobyl Diaries script

29 05 2012

Chernobyl Diaries is a decent movie script, though there are some obvious flaws with its execution. Here we have an excellent location with exploring the actual site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. We expected the screenwriter to take a paranormal route rather than get into conspiracy theories.  Did you enjoy Chernobyl Diaries?

The Chernobyl Diaries movie opens up with three young American travelers. We anticipated watching media reports covering the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster to establish a connection. The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster is a significant event that crippled the Russian economy. As we follow three young American traveingl through Europe to Russia, we realize this execution is an ineffective way to build value into the main plot (Chernobyl). Chernobyl Diaries is a movie that conveys the effects of the nuclear disaster (Pripyat residents left behind). Hence, movie viewers want to see images instead of hearing Uri briefly discuss the 1986 nuclear meltdown.

The screenwriter squandered on character development. Movie viewers failed to establish an emotional connection with characters to feel a sense of loss when they died. We won’t get into the spoilers to avoid ruining your movie experience. The suspense and thrills were present throughout the movie. When compared to The Walking Dead AMC show. Chernobyl Diaries character deaths are tame.

The most effective screenwriting techniques are to open with Chernobyl media covering the original nuclear disaster. If for some reason the media rights to the footage is too expensive to obtain, then open up with newspaper clippings showing an eerie recreation of a nuclear power plant such as in The Mothman Prophecies. In the metaphysical movie The Mothman Prophecies, you expect a nuclear meltdown will cripple the town. But on the contrary, there is a twist ending to project the movie into another direction – a different tragedy.

Chernobyl Diaries is a good script. It is far better than the Cabin in the Woods satire that people are defending. Who care about the lame Cabin in the Woods movie. For every one person who enjoyed the movie, you have another eight viewers who despised it. Chernobyl Diaries is worth watching. Movie critics are bashing this movie instead of conveying the truth of the Cabin in the Woods mess.

Check out Chernobyl Diaries to form your own perception. Keep a lookout for the twist ending. There is a twist ending in the final act, which we’re sure many web users will suggest otherwise as predictable to flex their so-called movie knowledge. The screenwriter eludes the inciting incident.

If we were providing script coverage, what would make the first 10 pages good page turners? The rule of thumb is that every page should lead a reader to the next page. Thus this creates interest in the setup. Chernobyl is a passive location until the group travels there, and then gets stranded.  We can’t think back to the setup to identify the turning point. Maybe the distributor wires getting cut represent the turning point. The group get stranded in Pripyat, Russia, a city located 3km from Reactor #4.

Long-term exposure to radiation there can potentially lead to health complications. The group were not prepared to stay overnight in Pripyat. In the Chernobyl Diaries script, the screenwriter overemphasized the radiation levels in Pripyat. Uri claims it is safe since they are only visiting for a few hours. However, the group get stranded a few nights. Radiation levels seemed medium to high around the junkyard.

As for the inciting incident, is Paul telling the group about his Chernobyl tour gift enough to set the tone? The Blair Witch Project started with personal interviews of the Blair Witch legend. The Sixth Sense opens up with a bang. We feel the Chernobyl Diaries movie has several flaws. We don’t regret paying to watch this movie. You never expect the twist ending, although the major plot points hint to the falling action.

Already watch Chernobyl Diaries? Want to share your Chernobyl experience? Leave a comment below.

10 tips to write good loglines

15 05 2012

Finish writing your screenplay? Ready to write the logline? This is your moment to shine. An effective logline is a one sentence summary that describes your script premise. Devising good loglines entice script readers and producers to notice your screenplay as well as simplify the pitch process. How do you write a good logline?

  1. Make a list of catchy words that describe your movie.
  2. Designate a descriptive adjective and or noun that explains the premise (i.e. fear, revenge, betrayal, and etc).
  3. Review page turning content to see what advances the first 10 pages of your script.
  4. Write a logline as you would a movie tagline.
  5. Read script loglines of the most popular movies.
  6. Write a  logline like a flowery treatment
  7. Include as many characters who are the central focus of the plot.
  8. Practice writing loglines of horror movies.
  9. Rewrite past movie loglines.
  10. Write a logline to explain all the top movie genres.

Have fun promoting your screenplay with good loglines. The logline will capture attention to your screenplay. Therefore, you must write the best logline in a query letter to build interest from movie studios. Learn how to market your script in 30 seconds or less with a logline. Good luck on your movie logline.

Humanizing characters in screenplays

12 05 2012

Humanizing characters in screenplays build emotion among viewers. Moviegoers find a connection with characters with which they can relate  to their real life struggles rather than watch dramatized Hollywood characters  The best movie characters are humanized in end of the world movies. Humanizing characters in screenplays thus make watching movies a realistic viewing experience.

Are you a screenwriter? Enjoy reading and writing movie scripts? Want to write scripts with humanized character? Humanized screenplays are movies capable of transforming a mediocre script into a successful movie. Good characters are humanized so that moviegoers connect with them. We care about people we understand. Our struggles and hardships are written in characters which we want to succeed. We root for these characters to defy the odds.

End of the world movies are populated with humanized characters. With the world on the brink of ending, humanized characters make big decisions. Write humanized characters to capture moviegoers whose essential goal is to experience a magic moment. Watch end of the world movies such as Deep Impact, Armageddon and romantic drama Titanic to witness humanized characters in motion.

Joss Whedon redeemed himself in The Avengers movie

12 05 2012

Joss Whedon’s The Avengers movie demonstrated a good script from page to screen. The visuals and dialogue worked rather well, especially when several dominant Marvel characters must share screen time. Good acting, dialogue, and visual aesthetics are key aspects to what makes a movie a good watch. What did we like about The Avengers script?

First of all, The Avengers script is not Cabin in the Woods. We can look past deceptive tactics in the strange satirical movie, forgiving Whedon for attempting to create a movie that craps on horror movies and mostly all the genres. The Avengers movie script opens with a good setting. Loki enters to brainwash Hawkeye and the Professor. Therefore, the catalyst is reclaiming the tesseract and stopping Loki from creating havoc on Earth.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is undeniably the wheels that turn The Avengers movie. He represents the dominant character throughout the film. Whedon crafted good jokes, though he reserved the best for Iron Man. Downey Jr. is experienced with delivering movie lines in a charismatic way. Stark makes movie fans laugh, executing the jokes on time. He carries the bulk of the superhero movie to keep the spine intact. Whedon’s writing and directing abilities enable the cast members to reach great performances.

Chris Evans’s Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man steal the show. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is much better than his previous performance in Cabin in the Woods. We can’t fault Chris for acting in a multi-genre movie that Joss Whedon wrote.

Why would we think Joss Whedon redeemed himself after writing Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the Woods is not as good of a movie as many think. Of course, we have many movie fans writing a book of comments to protect their satire movie. If we don’t laugh at the jokes, then people assume we lack a sense of humor. It is a lose-lose topic to discuss Cabin in the Woods. Write a good review, and people attack you for enjoying Cabin in the Woods.  On the opposing side, write a negative review about Cabin in the Woods to get bashed.

We appreciate comments to explain the Cabin in the Woods. Joss Whedon seemed to be thinking of his The Avengers movie while writing Cabin in the Woods. Cabin in the Woods is generating far more action online than at the box office. The Avengers movie is not the best superhero movie ever, though the major production has staying power to last the long haul. Movie viewers laughed at the jokes and some funny moments such as The Hulk smashing Loki into the ground.

The Avengers movie is self-explanatory. We understand the mission – The Avengers must retrieve the tesseract andstop Loki from from destroying the world. In the subplot, Nick Fury wants to demonstrate that The Avengers can coexist as a super team ready to serve the world. Whedon’s The Avengers is a good movie script with effective dialogue, funny jokes, character arcs, three act dramatic structure, and great action.

What do you think about The Avengers movie script? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Thanks.

Cabin in the Woods movie dialogue

9 05 2012

Cabin in the Woods delivers good dialogue. Joss Whedon and Drew Godward teamed up to write the Cabin in the Woods screenplay. Many movie fans claimed they enjoyed the movie, so we’ll give Cabin in the Woods another chance. Cabin in the Woods is a unique movie, a step back from previous Scary movie spoofs.

Cabin in the Woods movie dialogue gave viewers some good laughs. Marty’s Civil war, “Brother versus brother” joke induced an outburst of laughs. The gas station operator working for command headquarters seemed overly serious, especially when Marty made fun of him. This movie dialogue works well as a running joke, which is commonly executed in television situation comedies.

The following movie dialogue occurs between Hadley and Sitterson.

Hadley: We may as well tell Japan to take the rest of the weekend off.

Sitterson: Yeah, right. They’re Japanese. What are they gonna do- relax?

Hadley: I don’t know. Maybe they can do some group calisthenics or something.

We have a good exchange between the two main command characters. Cliches are treading through the dialogue, with Japanese discipline references advancing the punch line. Cabin in the Woods is full of cliches that mock the genres – horror genre is the primary target. Nonetheless, the genres shift enough to create good dialogue moments.

What are your favorite dialogue exchanges in the Cabin in the Woods movie? Share your comments below. Thanks.