Cabin in the Woods script disaster

21 04 2012

The new Cabin in the Woods movie is awful. An established screenwriter carved out this terrible movie. We can’t believe the casting crew convinced Sigourney Weaver to star in this disaster flick. Why is Cabin in the Woods a bad script?

The Cabin in the Woods screenplay attempts to disguise the science fiction film into a slasher movie. Moviegoers identify the movie as gory. We don’t see any blood-filled scenes until the goofy twist ending.

By this point in the movie, moviegoers are tired of the extended film ending. We want the mess to be over. In our honest opinion, the screenwriter planned to trick moviegoers.

The twist ending is written as a science fiction fantasy to produce a response. Bad movie endings seem to create more buzz than good film endings. Cabin in the Woods delivered the worst twist ending in recent horror movies.

For some odd reason, moviegoers find Cabin in the Woods entertaining. The jokes are dumb, characters deaths are unoriginal, and The Adjustment Bureau execution is ineffective.

Cabin in the Woods thus conveys that good screenwriters can create bad scripts. Writing the movie as a reality slasher film, and then shifting the genre to science fiction ruined the screenplay.

Cabin in the Woods could have worked as a staged horror movie that went haywire. However, the screenwriter and filmmaker teamed up to make a silly horror spoof that has no real scares.

This original film is a real disaster. We had to sit through the terrible twist ending. Movie critics are trying to be too nice instead of seeing the truth.

The Cabin in the Woods movie is a nightmare to watch. We’re sure the screenplay is just as bad. Watch the movie to make your own interpretation.

Update: After several heated discussions on the Cabin in the Woods movie, we retract our “bad” label attached to the movie. The movie is making fun of the horror movie genre. It is clever to mock viewers who want gore, slashers, torture porn, and creepy movies. Do watch Cabin in the Woods to make your own interpretation. You might like the movie.




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6 05 2012
Interplanet Janet

This is a dreadful review. You totally fail to back up any of your points, you deal with overwhelming contrary response by calling everyone else simply wrong by fiat… And you give no reasons for disliking this film except it being the “wrong genre” somehow, which only tells us that you don’t like having your expectations broken, and it not having enough blood ‘n guts for your tastes, which really only demonstrates that you don’t understand the difference between subjective and objective tastes.

Then you proceed to make all your arguments by labeling various aspects of the movie as “dumb” or “silly” or “unoriginal,” while showing absolutely nothing but a superficial comprehension of the film in the first place. A fifth-grader could have written this review from a TV Guide capsule summary of A Cabin in the Woods. A more mature person would recognize that people disagree on films because their tastes vary, and someone who likes something you don’t is not simply deluded.

What a childish attitude, and it leaves me wondering what sort of BS SEO-pumping marketing strategy this site is a part of, if it’s not merely the work of a kook. I suspect you are being deliberately obtuse in order to drive traffic, or some such rubbish.

6 05 2012
The Scripted


First and foremost, Cabins in the Woods sucked. You’re trying to defend this piece of crap movie. The box office performance is enough proof to alert horror fans to beware of this mess. Previously, The Devil Inside tanked after the first weekend – blame the film ending and the cheap special effects. People are smart enough to listen to word-of-mouth rather than believe in narrow-minded movie reviews that trick them – to give them high expectations. Next, we don’t need a SEO push on this website, especially when we own many highly valuable movie websites that score mega traffic. There are no ads, affiliate links and donation links on this website to make money. You’re wrong again.

Why does the Cabin in the Woods suck?

1) It has a terrible twist ending that is unrelated to the plot (no twist ending that remotely compares to Gothika, The Game, The Sixth Sense, Shutter Island, and other movies with great twist endings). Maybe Joss confused The Avengers’ Loki and Thor plot with his horrific Greek Gods and end of the world approach in the worst twist ending ever. After the movie ended, moviegoers were gasping and whining in the same exact way after watching another terrible twist ending – The Devil Inside.

2) The genres are all over the place. The film has no identity because it tries too hard to be original. One minute we are watching a slasher film, and then the plot twists to deliver a Hostel/Untraceable wannabe story. Whedon’s disaster does not stop there. He continues on with trapped nightmares and fears, a Scary movie comedy execution that fails to keep the spine of the script intact. Cabin in the Woods is a high school nerd trying to become popular. Horrible movie!

The Cabin in the Woods could have worked without any gore. The Ring, The Sixth Sense, Uninvited, Stir of Echoes and other good horror movies worked well without gore.

Your insults and aggression toward this review and us are childish. You’re contradicting yourself. Did we say that you’re wrong Janet, this Cabin in the Woods is a disaster just because we disagree? You took it upon yourself to butcher the truth. It seems that you’re acting like an adult bully dealing with unresolved issues. Glad you disliked this load of crap. Good to get a response from a Cabin in the Woods loyal fan.

Cabin in the Woods will be forgotten, only remembered as a box office flop. Good thing Whedon wrote and directed The Avengers. He avenged his goofy horror slop that attempted to trick horror movie fans.

Again, with $38 million in domestic ticket sales, this film is underperforming. Blame the twist ending on Cabin in the Woods’ poor box office performance. But at least Whedon has another original screenplay under his belt because his horror movie is nothing to brag about. We would rather watch a better movie in Case 39 than discuss Cabin in the Woods again.

Even so, you are misinformed that this WordPress site is part of a SEO mission. We have 50 quality movie sites (all developed), several that many movie fans have used as sources to answer movie questions on answer sites.

Your comment is avoiding the real truth, that Cabin in the Woods is a lame ploy to trick viewers – false expectations. People are smarter than you think. Horror fans had enough of bad screenwriting. Want to watch a good horror movie that makes sense? Watch Chernobyl Diaries to see a real horror movie with a great idea.

We will continue to deliver the real facts on our movie websites. The Devil Inside movie falsely passed off their exorcism movie as truth. People quickly caught onto the trick after the opening weekend. We would accept some of your criticism; however, you attacking us with insults changed our mind. We like good screenwriting, and Cabins in the Woods is not qualified as a real horror movie script.

We don’t get paid to write about movies. Whereas, movie critics write good reviews to entice moviegoers, we are not forcing you to read this script review. It is our opinion to write our personal perception. We are honest to inform moviegoers what is good and what is not.

Cabin in the Woods is not a good movie. There is nothing positive about the movie. It is an Untraceable and Hostel 3 knockoff – a plot designed for viewers to pay for gore. Why did the Cabin in the Woods suck? The movie lacks execution. It hopes to attract viewers with a deceptive movie trailer. In the movie trailer, you assume the Strangers character are behind the events. However, they are one of many fears and nightmares taken from previous horror movies (roll your eyes moment).

The Cabin in the Woods conveyed the following genres:

1) slasher sub-genre
2) Horror genre
3) mystery genre
4) suspense genre
5) zombie sub-genre
6) psychological thriller sub-genre
7) etc

As least we’re fair enough to give Whedon another chance. A commenter on a website said Joss should never write another screenplay again. Cabin in the Woods is a rare horror movie case that involves too many genres and poor execution.

What is Cabin in the Woods about? Would be interesting to pitch the screenplay to studio heads. Okay, Cabin in the Woods is a cross between Untraceable, Hostel 3, and Saw, but also a Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Game, and Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

What is the purpose to perform SEO on a website that has no affiliate ads, no AdSense, and sponsors? This site is intended to share good screenwriting and bad screenwriting. In essence, Cabin in the Woods is a bad script designed to trick horror fans. The box office performance shows there are intelligent movie fans that know the difference between good and bad movies.

Moreover, the Cabin in the Woods movie dialogue and jokes are predictable and ineffective. The Dana and Holden mirror scenes wasted time. Whedon wasted 5 minutes of screen time trying to prove that people should be decent human beings. Luckily Chris didn’t stay alive long enough to see the Greek Gods twist. Instead, Chris reenacted his Thor ‘God’ role in Whedon’s The Avengers – the right movie to speak of Gods and end of the world.

Your notion that we want to drive traffic to this site is wrong. Your insults that a 5th grader can write a better review is a poor excuse to protect Cabins in the Woods from criticism. A few articles on this website is not enough to produce traffic. However, our movie websites are performing well. We can’t make every person happy. In writing an honest analysis, moviegoers can read the truth. Thanks for your comment.

7 05 2012
The Scripted


This is not a review website. If we planned to review the movie, we would write it on Box Office Weekend.

The Scripted is a website that will discuss screenwriting as it relates to a completed script.

We doubt a 5th grader can write a screenplay, dissect films through real life experiences as adults and through film school education (film theory at UCSB), and understand morality gained from understanding mistakes and caring for very sick and dying patients in a military hospital.

You make critical comments based on one article that tells the truth about a mediocre horror film. However, you know little about how many movie websites we run across the web.

We have written many domain articles for high performing domain websites as well as writing articles to help others complete their PHD, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs.

In the comment section, we provided our perception of why we believe the film is bad. The script can easily be dissected through analyzing the dialogue and major plot points.

This article is not a review of the movie. It is nonetheless making a statement about the movie. Movie reviews include director name, actors and actresses, plot, opinion and what is good and bad about the movie.

Glad to see you know the difference between a movie review and a statement. It wouldn’t make sense to write a review on this horror film on The Scripted. Even so, we usually include a movie image to begin movie reviews. This enables us to set a tone.

Go bash another website. You could have easily shown some morality. Maybe you think you’re too good to show respect.

The write-up is making a statement that Cabin in the Woods is a bad, dumb, stupid and terrible movie. These statements come from actual moviegoers in theaters.

We don’t need to list the moviegoers who identified the movie as dumb. Not every person will agree with the statements because we understand there are a percentage of moviegoers who enjoyed the film.

Cabin in the Woods will make a good addition to the worst twist endings in horror movie history. It does have a twist ending that butchers the catalyst.

7 05 2012
Greyson Flax

Dear The Scripted:

I attended this movie last night, weeks after it was out because of word of mouth. Friends that like horror movies recommended this saying it’s not your typical scary movie. Went in with zero expectations, tried to figure everything out during the course, but was blown away by the 3rd act and choices made by the characters. All day I’ve been reading about people who have loved and hated the movie. I finally got to your site and was going to reply in a way Janet did (not childish but basically asking you to backup statements with facts) and your reply to her provided more remarks to comment on. If you’ll indulge me I’d love to talk about this a little but by using quotes of yours.

“The Cabin in the Woods screenplay attempts to disguise the science fiction film into a slasher movie. Moviegoers identify the movie as gory. We don’t see any blood-filled scenes until the goofy twist ending.”

I disagree. People on message boards around the country do not identify this movie as gory, but rather a multi-tude of genres. I know you have a list of genres the movie conveyed, but you can’t place it amongst any of them. For you it seems to make it a bad movie. You can’t say it’s a thriller, or a psychological, or a sci-fi because it has all the elements. For myself and fellow moviegoers who are tired of simple plot driven movies, scripts like this are a nice change of pace. When you can follow the movie within a movie and laugh at the inside jokes “the workers” are coming up with, it’s a good time at the theater. I really hope you’re an avid horror movie fan and at least understood the jokes and homages. I also don’t think there was any twist ending, like a Sixth Sense or Gattica where you go,” Oooohhhh,” and it all comes together, either for the good or the bad. It builds up. No twist.

“By this point in the movie, moviegoers are tired of the extended film ending. We want the mess to be over. In our honest opinion, the screenwriter planned to trick moviegoers.”

Here is where you are dead wrong. One could argue the 1st and 2nd acts of the movie don’t hold up as well as the 3rd, but that 3rd act was a pure horror fans joy-gasm. Hundreds of monsters, killers, creatures and ghouls coming at the screen at one time will make it a very memorable movie. Sure, one scene(s) should not define a movie, but tell that to the ending of Close Encounters or Casablanca. It’s also not as if there was just 1 scene, because it’s the whole final 20 minutes. That was one mess our theater did not want to be over with. People were cheering and hollering at the destruction, which is exactly what this story was trying to succeed. It’s a total play on the audience it’s targeting in general. Not a play as in them tricking us, but to question why as a society we enjoy these types of movies.

“Cabin in the Woods delivered the worst twist ending in recent horror movies.”

Wow. So this had a worse ending than movies which directly copy other endings? Movies where it’s all about the found footage and the camera tips over and it cuts to black? (Blair With, REC, Devil Inside) Movies where the protagonist doesn’t realize the antagonist is themselves? (Secret Window, Number 23, High Tension, Silent House) Just about all of the Saw movies? You’re saying while over a dozen movies have been made with endings exactly the same, THIS movie has the worst twist ending?

“For some odd reason, moviegoers find Cabin in the Woods entertaining. The jokes are dumb, characters deaths are unoriginal, and The Adjustment Bureau execution is ineffective.”

Here is where it becomes a huge matter of opinion. “For some reason,” means everyone except you (or you guys, I’m not sure how many people write or run this site), did not find it entertaining. Totally a matter of what you as a person find redeeming in movies. I thought the back-and-forth between people at the facility and the kids in the cabin was great, still trying to tie everything together as you watch. Who do you root for? Do you want the kids to survive or the workers to do their job? The workers betting on how the kids are going to die was not fun? People celebrating near victory while a woman is murdered on the dock behind them not intriguing? Again, the entire 3rd act? Once the elevators opened, it was definitely party time.

“This original film is a real disaster. We had to sit through the terrible twist ending. Movie critics are trying to be too nice instead of seeing the truth.”

Again, what was the twist ending? While watching you knew whatever was going on had a direct relation to the people at the office. It wasn’t as if the cabin scenes ended and it jumped to them working. There was no twist. There was a reason they were killing the kids, and that reason turned out to be devastating to the world. I would say the only twist would be the fact that they decided to let humanity die. What other movies do you see that in? Usually someone makes a sacrifice to save everyone. This generation is selfish, and that is what it portrayed.

“People are smart enough to listen to word-of-mouth rather than believe in narrow-minded movie reviews that trick them.”

I do agree here. What’s fascinating though is the trailers and marketing make this movie out to be nothing special. It is the word of mouth that helped get this movie distributed and also kept it going in theaters. Boxoffice results are too hard to judge. Movies that have been a financial failure turn out to be really good. Then you have Twilight or Avatar which makes a ton of money, but the movie is incredibly predictable and there’s no replay value, unless it’s hot people with their clothes off. Again, a matter of opinion, but I hope you don’t judge all movies on whether they made money or not.

“It has a terrible twist ending that is unrelated to the plot…..After the movie ended, moviegoers were gasping and whining in the same exact way after watching another terrible twist ending – The Devil Inside.”

The entire concept is related to the whole movie. The reason why they are killing people is so The Ancient Ones, or Gods or whatever, don’t get angry and seek their bloodlust on the Earth. The fact that the kids were selfish and decided to let humanity die was interesting. Have you personally seen that in a movie before? If so, honestly, I’d love to watch it too. When my movie got out I heard a group of people talking about it automatically being a classic and discussing many memorable scenes. I’m sorry if your theater did not.

“Cabin in the Woods will be forgotten, only remembered as a box office flop.”

As a horror movie fan, the 3rd act makes the movie. I know people might hate that fact but it’s true. It will be the reason why the movie is remembered.

“Cabin in the Woods is a lame ploy to trick viewers – false expectations. People are smarter than you think. Horror fans had enough of bad screenwriting.”

You can blame that on marketing, not the script. Right at the beginning you know it’s not going to be a typical horror movie, and it isn’t. Yes people are smarter than you think, and they tend to think about what everything means during the movie rather than enjoying the ride. The majority, not everyone, but the majority of people really liked this movie and it’s script. The dialogue is completely different than any script out there.

“There is nothing positive about the movie.”

How can you not find 1 redeeming quality about the movie? When the actors themselves, a couple seasoned vets, thoroughly enjoyed the script and movie, it’s puzzling that you cannot find one positive thing to say.

“In the movie trailer, you assume the Strangers character are behind the events. However, they are one of many fears and nightmares taken from previous horror movies (roll your eyes moment).”

The trailer may have been deceiving, but how is including hundreds of movie monsters and killers a roll your eyes moment? That’s what people are afraid of. Clowns, giant spiders, sharp-teethed Ballerinas, Strangers characters, zombies, werewolves, all these things ingrained in the culture of society. This is why it works. I don’t understand why it didn’t for you. Were you expecting hundreds of glass cases filled with things you never saw before? How many Mermans can there be without it becoming unidentifiable?

I love debates as long as it’s without personal digs and insults, so I’m sure we could have a healthy discussion about this movie. At least you can admit that it has people talking.

7 05 2012
The Scripted

Hello Greyson,

Thanks for the feedback. We give many movies a chance on our other movie sites.

Cabins in the Wood has a twist ending. Movie endings can take longer than a few minutes to explain. The twist is the science fiction genre and Greek God sub-genres.

Cabin in the Woods twist is our most popular search at The Woman in Black is most popular on

Cabin in the Wood was decent up until the players began controlling the lighting and the mood to ensure the couple remained on course.

What we didn’t like about Cabin in the Woods is the third act. The falling action then changes to Greek Gods, secret society and the end of the world.

A twist ending is an important element in the movie ending that defies the catalyst. Most moviegoers assume the movie is a slasher film with people controlling the outcome. Thus, the five people have no idea they are part of the sacrifice.

The Egyptian limestones between the kills give away the plot. We know then there is more to the movie than a paying audience and a reality scheme.

The Sigourney Weaver ending scene is not your typical horror movie. Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the Casablanca ending are different genres. Revealing to the audience that Gods and sacrifices keep the world in motion ruins the movie.

This website is mostly designed to discuss screenwriting. We try to keep our movie websites organized.

For example, we only write about movie taglines on Movie explanations are conveyed on covers the screenwriting process.,,,,,, and many movie websites we run are compliment the genre and sub-genres.

I didn’t appreciate the previous comment before yours, especially the 5th grader comment. I doubt a 5th grader can run 100 websites. I have a MPA, BA in Film & Media our of UCSB, AA in Film and another in Liberal Arts. I served in the Air Force as a medical technician in the 90s.

I’ve written for many people, so comparing me to another person who has little experience. I took many advanced film courses over a span of 11 years. It is insulting for another person to read an article, and then make insults without knowing we run other sites.

This website is undeveloped. Cabin in the Woods is the only article featured on The Scripted.

Most of the websites feature many articles. Astral Writer has 150 articles. One writing site has 450 articles. Two domain websites have 500 articles, and so forth.

We can discuss movies. If you would like, you can write explanations, twist endings, film ending, plot spoiler and other movie content on the sites. It would be cool to have another side to the analysis.

Thanks for the respectful comment. Good constructive criticism.

7 05 2012
The Scripted

Cabin in the Woods, The Woman in Black, Intruders, and The Devil Inside have people talking.

People are constantly searching to find explanations, especially with the movie endings and twist endings. Out of all the movies, we enjoyed Intruders the most. We plan to develop out,,,, and many sub-genre sites.,, and about a dozen sites are performing well. is another new site that has potential.

The plan to expand took a bad twist. Our recent robbery experience in Houston, Tx while relocating to the East Coast cost us pretty much everything we owned. My plans to start a film company took a bit hit. The insurance company is now trying to say I canceled my insurance a week after, so many dates are messed up.

The total loss is $20-30k+. All screenplays, an original quote book with thousands of quotes, 200 movie taglines, jewelry, Apple laptop, digital cameras, purses, leather jacket, and much more were taken. I had to pay $240 to fix the window due to a restaurant letting their security go on an extended 3-hour break while we dined for 1 hour.

Driving through 5 states with no window is tough, especially when you can’t pull over to sleep, it’s raining and the fog is creeping into the car. Everything worked great on the cross country travel through many cities, including Roswell, NM, where we watched Cabin in the Woods on Friday the 13th, the opening night. All our pictures taken along the way to new sites are gone.

You’re right about selfish people. The robbers could care less whether our resumes, future and hard work are compromised. We relocated to find relief. In result, we lose everything and have to recreate our resumes and worry whether any identity will occur. Living life is like the movies.

No matter how good you are as a person, people will say insulting things to discourage you. In my opinion, Dana and Marty did not make a sacrifice. If they made the sacrifice, the world would not have ended in the movie end. The Gods probably have specific terms to honor the 5 member game.

The Scripted is undeveloped. If we had not lost out in the robbery at the original Carrabba’s in Houston, Texas, and were making more revenue, many of the sites would feature at least 100+ articles per site.

The twist in Cabin in the Woods is the shift between the genres. In the high point of tension, we had no clue about trapped nightmares, fears and past horror characters. We definitely are not warned about the Gods, end of the world and the sacrificial plot design. It is a twist ending, which about 1,000+moviegoers also have searched to reach our Twist Endings website.

There are many genres in the film. Whedon makes use of the genres to confuse people. One commenter on another movie website attacked an article because we shifted between plot and opinion to describe the twist ending. Even so, the use of “moviegoers” irritated this person. We can’t please everyone. Insults are welcome on

Many strange comments have arrived for Cabin in the Woods. Seems fitting for a strange movie about multiple genres. In order to become a professional writer, one must accept all types of criticism.

That’s good you enjoyed the movie. The jokes in the film are common clichés. Many people thought the movie took an odd spin with the team controlling the lighting and mood. By this time, we realized the movie trailer tricked us into watching this movie.

You assume the movie is about deranged people or a secret operation torturing the cabin guests. Instead, we get comedy as well as paying viewers asking for the kills. The resolution changed the dynamics of the movie.

When I mentioned box office, the ticket sales are a reflection of the ending. This confusing ending-effect also compromised The Devil Inside movie. No exorcism movie ends without one last exorcism. A $34 million opening weekend and only $19 million the rest of the run are associated with poor word of mouth – mainly due to the terrible ending. People complained and wanted a refund at a Los Angeles theater.

Cabin in the Woods is a strange movie. It is not strange like The Human Centipede. That movie is strange in a sense that makes you want to laugh, but you might think it is inappropriate to do so. It is also eerie and disgusting.

The kills in Cabin in the Woods took a science fiction approach. Up until the third act, you never expect the sacrificial missions as a ploy to please the Gods. Past horror characters, nightmares, fears, and end of the world are also thrown into the wild ending.

In my opinion, I would never want to watch another movie like this ever again. I definitely wouldn’t write a script like this. I think it was planned to create confusion. Thus, people would hold discussions to possibly watch the movie again.

It is deceptive marketing. The Devil Inside used a Vatican insert to suggest their film is evil, and that exorcisms are dangerous.

Insidious is another movie we discussed many times on Astral Writer, Astral Projection and at Metaphysical Movies. That movie has a good movie ending because it compliments the plot.

Would you have predicted the Cabin in the Woods to make a major plot shift from slasher and reality to science fiction fantasy? Very strange execution. Although we mentioned earlier that Cabin in the Woods would never make another appearance, we are open for discussions. There are multiple sides to every discussion.

More people seem to enjoy the movie rather than dislike it. You enjoyed the movie. We thought the movie tried too hard to be original. You have an operative sitting on the roof surveying the five friends.

Then, the team are revealed to us. The plot is out in the open, but takes a strange twist once Dana and Marty take the elevator down. It become a weird film that is like SyFy movies. The Ring is a good film that is unbelievable in real life. It worked quite well to create fear.

Cabin in the Woods doesn’t make you jump. You are not afraid of the next scene. The action is merely after effects put in place to shift the slasher and reality movie to a science fiction story such as the Neverending Story and Percy Jackson. The gore with the blood is not disgusting like zombie movies.

We enjoy watching The Walking Dead on AMC because it features great acting and a dark story. The writing is brilliant. However, the Michone character is dumb. The decision to insert Michone with two zombie pets may jeopardize the future of the zombie show.

The American Horror Story is making a big mistake to replace every season with a new story. Cabin in the Woods is decent, but overall the film is playing around the genres to experiment with the horror audience. It ruins the film.

You can use as a shortener to reach this website. Thanks.

8 05 2012

Wait… Cabin in the Woods had a twist ending?? What? They alluded to the process being a “ritual” almost throughout the entire film, elaborating on it more and more as the film progressed.

I think you totally missed the boat on this one. This was meant as a deconstruction of the uninspired teen horror flicks that are pumped out of the Hollywood system. It seems like a lot of people (yourself included) are totally oblivious to the concept of satire, and therefore tried to take this movie seriously.

8 05 2012
The Scripted


We never took this movie seriously. Good thing you mentioned another sub-genre to throw into the pile of crap – satire.

We suppose thousands of viewers along with hundreds of movie critics are oblivious like us to the fact that there is a twist ending. Moreover, the comedy is sub-par at best.

The movie theater viewers laughed at the genre shift toward the end rather than take the movie serious. Who thinks Cabin in the Woods is a disaster film? A Scary movie imitation? Millions.

Reassess the catalyst again, and then think back to the movie ending. We recognized the low-quality jokes, paying viewers, and Final girl as an attempt to pass the movie off as Scary movie with a twist of satire.

The fact is that Cabin in the Woods has a twist. Movie endings can last 20 minutes. Movie fans can be tricked to think otherwise that Cabin in the Woods is not a slasher or even a real horror movie.

The cheap thrills are instead a sham to give them cliches. Cabin in the Woods can energize discussions on the web, but will continue to spiral down into the quicksand.

People blame poor marketing on the low ticket sales. However, good marketing passed this horror spook off as a real horror movie. The movie lost the world in the ending.

People laughed at the Cabin in the Woods rather than with the movie. We never took the movie serious. The catalyst and the movie ending shifted, revealing the science fiction genre that many never suspected.

Mocking the Final Girl and choosing sacrifices that don’t fit the traditional archetype are nothing clever. Give credit to Joss for writing a satirical movie that mocks moviemaking, especially horror movies.

A twist ending is designed to spin the movie into another direction. It utilizes the ending to change the plot. Did we miss something? Is Cabin in the Woods not the same movie in the resolution as in the setup?

A decent horror setup shifts to science fiction, Gods, nightmares, fears, past horror characters, secret society, and then end of the world. Add satire and horror spoof to the mix and a sprinkle of zombie genre to make one horrible movie. One Missed Call has a better plot than Cabin in the Woods.

Cabin in the Woods is a perfect example in what not to do to make a successful horror movie. The satirical plot tanked the movie. Good to get a laugh, but losing money is even more of a disaster. We got a good laugh trying to survive the movie ending. Thanks for the reality check.

We picked up on the sacrificial aspect after the team pulled the first lever. Is it quite possible you are one of the few moviegoers to uncover the entire plot design? You knew the movie would end with nightmares, fears and past horror movie characters devouring a movie production that feeds to the crazed horror movie population? Good critical eye. We suppose the plot was simple enough for any average movie fan to detect?

Again, another poor execution in the film to suggest horror movies make money. The highest earners are usually science fiction, fantasy, action, end of the world and super hero/comic book movies. We forgot Cabin in the Woods is making fun of all genres in all movies.

Cabin in the Woods is a satire to make fun of horror movies and movie fans. Great twist. If you went into the movie already knowing the plot, why waste your time watching the movie? The switch and stones revealed the Gods. Whedon had to insert mini plot points to say he covered the Gods and sacrificial sub-genres in the script spine.

We disagree that Cabin in the Woods does not have a twist ending. Thanks for the feedback and new revelation of obvious movie facts. Spoiler alert: Cabin in the Woods is revealed as a horror spoof.

We give you credit to mention that viewers are us. This horror movie is making fun of moviemaking, feeding the demand to give teenagers what they want. If the movie trailer revealed the satirical plot, the movie could have made much more money.

Nightmares, fears and past horror characters attacking the crew lost many people. The science fiction genre changed the direction.

It is like Michone in The Walking Dead stringing along her past zombie boyfriend and his friend. The zombies are viewed as science fiction, but the Michone character shifts the show into a comic book world.

Thanks again for the feedback. We shifted our focus to instead identify Cabin in the Woods as a clever movie. Will write another article to upload on Movie Explanations.

11 05 2012
The Scripted

The Sixth Sense showed many hints of Willis’s fate. However, the twist ending ranks as one of the best ever.

If the writers removed the lever switch and the stones after each death, you would probably be as confused as most viewers.

Cabin in the Woods has twist ending. It may not execute one of the best twist endings, but the twist is there. The twist is longer than usual. Not every twist ending is in the falling action.

16 05 2012

I just feel the author missed the point. With all the finer aspects aside, the film succeeded in terms of it’s objective which was a deconstruction of the horror genre. It’s not trying to blend multiple genres, it’s simply playing on the fact horror has been in a state of lethargy for decades. There are exceptions, but whether it be a haunted house film, or a slasher film, it’s all pretty cliche, recognizable, and standard. Very few have broken from the mold. This film isn’t trying to break from the mold, but rather poke fun at the fact most horror is predictable. It’s a film done in the style of American Werewolf in London or Evil Dead. It’s not a solid horror film, it’s a comedy with horror elements just as those two were. I’m not going to get into it much deeper, but that’s really it. If you can’t recognize that, then you may hate this film, but for those of us with a love for horror, and can recognize the playful objective, it’s a fine addition to those films. The first two acts are meant to be the cliche lead-in before the outrageous final act. I just don’t understand what you were expecting. Have you seen Evil Dead? Do you like the horror genre? Can you sit back and enjoy a film that’s not to be taken seriously at all?

I’m a film buff with a degree in film studies, but I managed to love this film because it isn’t trying to be a masterpiece or a hard horror film, it’s just midnight movie, cult classic fun. That’s all it is. No analytical thought process or avant garde filmmaking, it’s a silly film that delivered what was promised. I’m not going to dissect a film that obviously has no reason to be dissected, it’s pure entertainment. If you over think it, you are working too hard.

I honestly cannot grasp what you hated about this film. It appear you hate it just for existing. No facetiousness intended, but this article appears to be all slander with no backbone or reason. Just a lot of twisting and morphing of words and phrases to get to the simple fact you did not like it. I may have loved this film, but I’ve read a few reviews that raise valid points contrary to my opinions of the film, and I have found them enlightening. I don’t agree in some respects, but I can sympathize. Nothing you have brought up makes me feel that way, because your opinion has more holes in it than a U-boat after a massive counterstrike. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

16 05 2012
The Scripted


Ask this question to most moviegoers – Do you understand the satirical and deconstruction elements encoded in Cabin in the Woods movie? This movie communicates to film buffs rather than your average movie viewer.

I also hold a Film & Media Studies degree from UCSB. Aside from the satire, making fun of horror movies and fans, the movie is not that good.

Whereas Cabin in the Woods is not attempting to blend multiple genres, the execution covers a list of genres to moviegoers. While you are enjoying Cabin in the Woods in a movie theater, the rest of the viewers are confused.

As I mentioned in the comment section a few times, The Scripted is not intended to serve as a critical review website. Soon enough, we can gain access to Cabin in the Woods script to analyze it for what it really is.

We know all about the gore, Final Girl, zombies, horror characters, nudity, jokes, and typical horror cast assembled in past horror movies. This movie is not mainstream, in a sense that any person can understand the execution. For that reason alone, the movie is under performing. Word-of-mouth is not helping this film make strides.

People will blame the low box office numbers on poor marketing. The truth is Cabin in the Woods is not that good of a film. In my opinion, the movie studio wasted $60 million that could have been invested in 3 film projects. If you want to poke fun at horror movies, you don’t need $60 million to accomplish that task.

For many years, I sat through many film theory discussions, cinema screenings, seminars and more. I attended 5 days a week at a top film theory university. Just because you enjoyed the film, doesn’t mean that every moviegoer will understand the dramatic structure.

It is obvious Cabin in the Woods is a comedy horror film vastly different from your conventional Scary Movie film. With that said, Cabin in the Woods is a horror sub-genre rather than a horror spoof.

Check out Twist Endings and Movie Explanations. This is not our only Cabin in the Woods post. Just like Cabin in the Woods is not intended to represent a horror movie, our post is not serious about investing the time into discussing Cabin in the Woods. Why did I not enjoy Cabin in the Woods?

– It tried too hard to make fun of horror movies
– Surveillance at the beginning with a spy on roof
– Cliche jokes that are not that funny
– Genre shifts (science fiction of nightmares, fears, and typical horror characters)
– Gore that fails to creep people out
– End of the world/Gods/secret society/sacrificial cliches in the movie end
– Minimal suspense

We can expose this film to convey the script mess. It is worse than the laughable gore in the movie ending. Thanks for providing your take on Cabin in the Woods. There will be many more viewers reaching this site and several other movie sites to read the comments. Most comments are as complex as the Cabin in the Woods script. Maybe your average movie fan will learn a few things about Cabin in the Woods.

Do you really think another writer besides Joss would get attention to option Cabin in the Woods? I doubt we will see another Cabin in the Woods sequel anytime soon. Many people work in Hollywood making movies they dislike. Creative art takes a backseat to mainstream movies. Hollywood is all about making money. We have very few writers and directors who have the creative freedom to make artistic films. Besides James Cameron and a few other top filmmakers making artistic films, there are very little profitable artistic productions out there.

Foreign filmmakers make artistic films, though they eventually tap into the U.S. market to gain industry recognition. List 10 of your favorite movies. Why are these movies popular? Or why have they failed? Cabin in the Woods is popular among horror movie fans and movie buffs holding discussions on the net. However, the movie is not that popular in the box office. Why? We need more people who actually disliked Cabin in the Woods to leave a comment. This will nonetheless shed more light on how they viewed the movie.

I disliked Cabin in the Woods. I’m sure I don’t enjoy the same movies as you. I have watched many films, dissecting hundreds up until 11pm at night daily in college. I took film seminar courses dedicated entirely to Hitchock and other brilliant filmmakers. I took Film Noir, Feminist Theory, Sound Film, Black Cinema, and 50 other courses. I run many movie websites that cover the top sub-genres. My main concentration is writing, so breaking down the Cabin in the Woods script will convey the truth. The proof is in the script.

You liked Cabin in the Woods. That’s good for you. You suggest that any person can understand this movie. We have data to prove otherwise that many people are confused. Film buffs and film students understand horror movie cliches. However, average moviegoers fall into the same spectrum as the horror cliches established in Cabin in the Woods. There is something about Cabin in the Woods that is dividing the horror fan base. You say that Cabin in the Woods is not constructed to be analyzed. Why are people so confused then?

Your U-Boat joke is better than Cabin in the Woods jokes. It compliments our website. Ask yourself; what makes a good movie? Does Cabin in the Woods have the right ingredients to be recognized as a good movie?

25 07 2012

Thought your review was accurate. The Cabin in the Woods has poor execution. It appears the script is amateurish. Give the movie an overall 1.5/5 score.

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