Cabin in the Woods movie dialogue

9 05 2012

Cabin in the Woods delivers good dialogue. Joss Whedon and Drew Godward teamed up to write the Cabin in the Woods screenplay. Many movie fans claimed they enjoyed the movie, so we’ll give Cabin in the Woods another chance. Cabin in the Woods is a unique movie, a step back from previous Scary movie spoofs.

Cabin in the Woods movie dialogue gave viewers some good laughs. Marty’s Civil war, “Brother versus brother” joke induced an outburst of laughs. The gas station operator working for command headquarters seemed overly serious, especially when Marty made fun of him. This movie dialogue works well as a running joke, which is commonly executed in television situation comedies.

The following movie dialogue occurs between Hadley and Sitterson.

Hadley: We may as well tell Japan to take the rest of the weekend off.

Sitterson: Yeah, right. They’re Japanese. What are they gonna do- relax?

Hadley: I don’t know. Maybe they can do some group calisthenics or something.

We have a good exchange between the two main command characters. Cliches are treading through the dialogue, with Japanese discipline references advancing the punch line. Cabin in the Woods is full of cliches that mock the genres – horror genre is the primary target. Nonetheless, the genres shift enough to create good dialogue moments.

What are your favorite dialogue exchanges in the Cabin in the Woods movie? Share your comments below. Thanks.


Cabin in the Woods script disaster

21 04 2012

The new Cabin in the Woods movie is awful. An established screenwriter carved out this terrible movie. We can’t believe the casting crew convinced Sigourney Weaver to star in this disaster flick. Why is Cabin in the Woods a bad script?

The Cabin in the Woods screenplay attempts to disguise the science fiction film into a slasher movie. Moviegoers identify the movie as gory. We don’t see any blood-filled scenes until the goofy twist ending.

By this point in the movie, moviegoers are tired of the extended film ending. We want the mess to be over. In our honest opinion, the screenwriter planned to trick moviegoers.

The twist ending is written as a science fiction fantasy to produce a response. Bad movie endings seem to create more buzz than good film endings. Cabin in the Woods delivered the worst twist ending in recent horror movies.

For some odd reason, moviegoers find Cabin in the Woods entertaining. The jokes are dumb, characters deaths are unoriginal, and The Adjustment Bureau execution is ineffective.

Cabin in the Woods thus conveys that good screenwriters can create bad scripts. Writing the movie as a reality slasher film, and then shifting the genre to science fiction ruined the screenplay.

Cabin in the Woods could have worked as a staged horror movie that went haywire. However, the screenwriter and filmmaker teamed up to make a silly horror spoof that has no real scares.

This original film is a real disaster. We had to sit through the terrible twist ending. Movie critics are trying to be too nice instead of seeing the truth.

The Cabin in the Woods movie is a nightmare to watch. We’re sure the screenplay is just as bad. Watch the movie to make your own interpretation.

Update: After several heated discussions on the Cabin in the Woods movie, we retract our “bad” label attached to the movie. The movie is making fun of the horror movie genre. It is clever to mock viewers who want gore, slashers, torture porn, and creepy movies. Do watch Cabin in the Woods to make your own interpretation. You might like the movie.