The Scripted mission

9 01 2012

The Scripted is a website about guiding new screenwriters and established screenwriters. Have a script idea? Want to write an innovative screenplay? The Scripted will help you to expand the script idea into a marketable screenplay.

What is a marketable screenplay? A marketable screenplay possesses all the ingredients that make your script appealing to moviegoers. Thus, movie studios are willing to invest valuable to develop the screenplay. The ultimate goal is to entice moviegoers and to make revenue.

A good script conveys a genre such as science fiction, horror, action, romantic comedy and or contain elements incoporting multiple themes. The thematic spine of the script establishes the premise. An excellent screenplay humanizes the characters to build a connection with the audience. Emotional structure is effective to add layers underneath the characters’ core.

The Scripted is all about screenwriting, television scriptwriting and the creative writing process. We can find excitement with crafting an original screenplay to produce a marketable movie.

The Scipted will guide you from idea to completion. You can learn to revise your screenplay, defeat writer’s block and to expand on script ideas.

Have a dream to become a screenwriter? Let your writing dream translate into a popular screenplay. You are closer to your dream than you think. Enjoy The Scripted. Good luck!

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